The Best Tone and Shade Color for Your Hardwood Floors

Floor Colors Best for Your Hardwood

Rich, vivid colors are becoming more and more popular because they highlight the wood’s natural grain patterns while including exciting color trends that exhibit a distinctive appearance. Colorful hardwood floors create a statement and add personality to a place, and are frequently utilized in heavy traffic areas or areas that want to wow visitors. If you’ve been considering using wood for your upcoming DIY project or flooring renovation, take a look at these distinctive colors and styles to get an idea of how adaptable solid hardwood flooring can be. The stain and finish you choose can make a difference.

Gray Undertones

For the past few years, one of the most widely used colors in interior design has been gray. Even wood flooring now features it as a wash, a solid color, or as a combination with softer tones. As a result, you may utilize both warm and cool tones in the space. This rustic-style flooring has a subtle gray undertone that allows the natural color and grain to show through.

Warm Red Tones

With time, certain flooring gets warmer, taking on deep red and orange tones. This old floor has a lot of color diversity, making it the center of attention in the space. A floor like this can enhance the design of the entire room when the rest of the decor is kept basic.

Cherry Toned

Even though it’s not cherry wood, it can nevertheless be stained to seem like cherry. This has a reddish finish and is made of recycled red oak. The formal-looking colors in the room’s décor also help to highlight the hardwood floor.

Bold and Red

All types of wood absorb stains well, so you may achieve a wide variety of styles for your flooring. This floor’s smooth, consistent crimson tone adds some much-needed color to the room while also bringing warmth to the dark wood cabinetry.

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