Different Hardwood Species for an Affordable Hardwood Flooring

Species of Hardwood

Builders and interior designers utilize hardwood, a type of tree wood, for building homes, making house improvements, and doing other design or finishing work. Despite being more challenging to deal with than softwoods, hardwoods are desirable options for homeowners due to their variety of hues and grain patterns. Based on color tones, wood grain patterns, and general durability, you can choose your species. Affordable hardwood flooring contractors suggest the following common hardwood species:

Brazilian Cherry

Despite its name, this kind of wood has nothing to do with cherry trees. The Brazilian rainforests are home to the legume known as the Brazilian cherry or jatoba. The word “cherry” describes the wood’s organic red color, which is reminiscent of the redwood or Western red cedar tree. Due to its flexibility and termite resistance, Brazilian cherry is a great flooring material.


Red oak and white oak are the two primary varieties of lumber produced by this kind of wood species. The latter has a lighter appearance and brown, closely spaced grain patterns that resemble those of Sapele or mahogany, whilst the former has a red to reddish-brown color. Both red and white oak are strong kinds, but white oak is more water-resistant, making it a suitable choice for decking or kitchen flooring.


It is a deep hardwood with a lovely scent. Rosewood has a high oil content that gives it a natural sheen, similar to teak wood. Rosewood is available in a range of hues, from dark brown to purplish-red. Since true rosewood is an endangered species, the government severely restricts its trade. It is therefore extremely rare and in short supply.

Yellow Birch

The grain and field of yellow birch wood don’t contrast in color as much as those of other hardwood woods. In addition, yellow birch is susceptible to decay and insects. Yellow birch wood can be used for toys, specialized crafts, or to finish plywood with real wood veneer.

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